Big Girls, You are Beautiful!


Caitlin Here!

Before we get too far, I would like to make a point. This video will help make my point even clearer.

There is nothing wrong with being fat!
Yeah it is unhealthy but it’s not a shameful thing.
In this land of poorly airbrushed thigh gaps people think skinny is in and fat is disgusting.
However, I am here to tell you that a person can be beautiful no matter their size.
Be comfortable in your body.
If you want to lose weight then lose weight but do it for healthy reasons, not to have the greatest thigh canyon in the 6th grade.

I love my body even with all the problems I have.
Without this body I would not be a person.
I would not exist.

So remember Big Girl You are Beautiful!
Small girls can be beautiful too.
Everyone is beautiful if they want to be.


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