Day One! The beginning of the end!


So let’s talk about food.

But first! We need to talk about grandparents!

My Mema, I love her. Especially since I do not live with her any more. Now she comes over and helps me garden and we have nice little chats about the olden days with her late husband in the Navy. And that’s how this tale begins…

It was a bright sunny Monday morning. And Caitlin was planning on spending a nice enjoyable day with her Mema, doing a little laundry (since I don’t have my own washer). But noooooooo! Mema needed to go to the local naval base to renew her military ID. So off on our adventure we go. Early, without the proper amount of coffee in my system and no real breakfast.

This base is in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE and it took like an hour to get there. We get on base and get lost. Can i make a request military? BIGGER SIGNS! So we got to have a nice little tour of the base while looking for the “building with the giant anchor out front” like the man at the front gate told us. However, what he did not say was that THERE IS A GIANT ANCHOR IN FRONT OF EVERY BUILDING ON THIS DAMN BASE!

The moral of this story is, the fewer giant anchors the better. Or learn how to give directions. Or get better signs!


Happy note, i got my sheets washed but I secretly forgot them on the clothes line out back and it has now dewed upon them.


So here’s what I ate today:


Breakfast: Not enough coffee and a cookie dough protein bar (by the way, it does not actually taste like cookie dough. It’s a cruel joke)

Lunch: A turkey and broccoli hot pocket and a salad.

Did you know they sell Olive Garden salad dressing in a bottle at the grocery store? It’s pretty amazing.

Snack time came next… it lasted for quite a while but started off strong.

First there was a kiwi strawberry smoothie.

Then a corn dog, with mustard of course. Because I LOVE CORNDOGS I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!

And a string cheese.

DInner: Skinny Broccoli Mac n Cheese with chicken in it. I got the recipe from this lovely lady over at skinnytaste

Then there was a scone.

So all in all I overnapped (it’s like oversleeping but in the afternoon) and missed my gym date with my mom. and I spent about 5 hours in the kitchen baking and making all kinds of goodies that y’all will get to hear all about later. And my sheets are still hanging outside.

But tomorrow is Zoo Day!

So go make some of that yummy food and have a delicious day fatty. I sure did. Sorta.



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