I have entered a new ring of hell


Ok people. I am convinced the zoo is evil. It is also one of my most favorite places in the world!

First, let’s meet part of my family.

See here’s the story. My mom married my step dad. Later they divorced after giving life to my little sister. He got remarried and helped create two of the most adorable little boys you have ever met: Tyler and Joe.

However, they are stupid (the parents not the babies) because they chose to have them LIKE A YEAR APART!

So Tyler is 2 and Joe is about to turn 1. These are the children I took to the zoo. Along with my sister, Carrigan, who is thankfully 14 and can take care of herself for the most part.

So here’s Joe at a ripe almost 1 years old…



And here is Tyler, at two years of age, trying to wave at the penguins which were by far his favorite animal of the day!



And of course Carrigan and I…



So here I am with my odd little family. We packed a lunch and went to the zoo cause it’s free after 2 on Tuesday!!!


I have been to the zoo plenty of times and everytime I conveniently forget how hot it is in that god forsaken place!

We. Walked. Everywhere.

Thankfully we had strollers. I do not even know how many calories I walked AND SWEATED off! I could calculate how many I walked, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. That would require me to push buttons and things. We cannot have that.

Another thing about the zoo, everything is expensive. We brought water and lunch but by the time we got sat down our water was like outside temperature, which was around 90 degrees. Not refreshing. So in an effort to save money my sister and I shared a drink. Normally I would go to my old standby, Diet Coke, because unlike Danielle I have not divorced my favorite diet soft drink (I don’t drink as much of it as she does either). But no, the zoo has Pepsi products. So we get Mountain Dew. Healthy, I know.

My lunch was healthy though.

So we walked around for 2 and a half hours in the heat, sweat all over, applied copious amounts of sunscreen to our pasty white skin, and died a little bit.

So here’s what I ate today in case anyone cares.


Breakfast: a relatively not so unhealthy scone, woo hoo. and COFFEE. I will never give up my coffee. You can’t make me!

Lunch: pimento cheese sandwich on my wonderful sandwich thins! Some stale tortilla chips. Some strawberries. A string cheese. I think that was it.

And dinner: I would have been better off with the cheese pizza Danielle was tempted with. Because I had Chinese. Apparently I am a terrible healthy eater according to the things I have posted so far on this blog.

However, I shall not give up! I will continue to shame myself by posting my unhealthy eating habits on the internet for the world to see!!!


PS. I left the doors to my house open because it was nice outside, now I am being eaten alive by little flying bugs. It’s like Willard, but with bugs instead of rats!

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