Ugh It’s Friday


Sadly, after my not so healthy eating of the past week, I have gained weight. i have really got to buckle down. But that’s not the only terrible thing about today.

My husband hurt my feelings. It was something so small. But I was still hurt. However, he’s still in bed and doesn’t know this. 

And I have to spend time with my OTHER sister today. 

Long long ago, my mother and father, Shawn, had a beautiful baby girl, named Caitlin.

Later My parents got divorced and about 6 years later he had another daughter with another woman.

Her name is Jami. And we have only seen each other a handful of times over the years. She 18 now. Just graduated high school and in town for a week this summer. 

She’s stay in town with my evil grandmother. This woman lives across the state line, but it’s not too far from me if you take the interstate. However, a 30 minute to an hour drive is just too much for her. (She’s not an old grandma by the way. I’m not sure how old she is, but she’s relatively young for a grandma.) Since the drive is too far, she stopped coming to my birthdays like 15 years ago. She didn’t come to my graduation, I had people who weren’t family come in from out of town to see my graduate high school. But she couldn’t make the drive. However, she made it to dinner after graduation… what the fuck!

Six years later, I had not seen nor heard from her. But I was getting married so I sent her invitations to showers and the wedding. She could not manage to make it to a single shower. I had three. (My other grandma, was at every single shower and helped plan the wedding) Evil grandma just didn’t care. However, she made it to the wedding. I had told family to come to the wedding about an hour early for pictures. I specifically did not tell evil grandma to be there an hour early because I did not want her to be in pictures. Nope she showed up anyways. 

Now she loves to post of facebook about things that I’ve done, like when I was accepted into Phi Alpha Theta, the international history honors society, about how proud she is. She has absolutely no right to be proud, she is a stranger to me, and I to her. 

So, Jami is staying with this evil grandma while she is in town. This WOMAN wouldn’t not bring Jami to my house to spend time with me! Not only is it not important for her to have a relationship with me, but she thinks it is not important for anyone else to have a relationship with me either! So I acted like the adult, and offered to go pick up Jami so I can spend time with her and then take her back later. However, it would have been far more convenient if we could have split up the gas and driving. But no. She. is. a. BITCH!

Oh I also took a test that is supposed to tell me my mental age; I got 42. My mother got 20. What in the world is wrong with this picture!?!?!

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