Let’s be productive!


So this weekend obviously was a healthy eating fail. Memorial Day, etc.

Last night my dad had to go to the ER so my husband and I went to his house at 2 am to watch my little brothers, Tyler and Joe. We didn’t get home til 5 am. So I slept til noon.

I slept through the most productive part of my day. Usually, after lunch time, I am a blob and you can’t get me away from the netflix.

However, today was a different story. Maybe it’s because my lunch time moved to later since breakfast was at noon.

So far I have washed dishes, refilled my hummingbird feeder, took out a bunch of trash and cleaned out the funky food from the fridge.
I made tuna too, for my tuna melt I shall eat later. I also packed my husband’s lunch for work.

Then I proceeded to chop vegetables for an hour and a half.

I never use all of the veggies I but at the store. There’s always too much and then it goes bad. I know everyone else has this problem too. One way to remedy this is to just buy frozen veggies, but then you miss out on the joy of fresh veggies. You can’t eat frozen veggies raw. All you can do is cook with them. So people, I have come to bear the answer to your prayers.


Anything you’re not gonna eat raw, just go ahead and put it in a ziploc bag and freeze it. No food goes to waste and no chopping at dinner time. Win win.

However, now that I’ve chopped rec and yellow onions, carrots, celery, and a bell pepper I smell weird. If someone could please find a way to remove this smell from my person please inform me, because soap does not work.


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