Hello world!

Welcome to my weight loss adventure!

I am Caitlin: recently married and recent college graduate who suddenly finds herself to be a housewife. It’s been about a week and all I have done is watch a lot of TV. I win housewife of the year. Along with my exciting housewife duties, such as watching lots of TV, I am also working on starting my own bakery. Because nothing says weight loss like a bakery in my own home. However,I love to bake and right now it is the only dream I have for my life. There were other dreams but they have been put on the back burner for the moment.

My life now revolves around this family I have started with my husband, Justin, who is also sometimes the bane to my existence (like right now when I need to wash the sheets and he won’t get out of the bed!).

I love babies. I want a baby. My desire for children has increased exponentially in the few months we have been married. I have always been surrounded by kids. When I was young I was “the babysitter” and swore I would never have kids of my own. In my own defense, the kids I wanted 99% of the time consisted of my little sister (who is 10 years younger than me) and my 2 boy cousins, all of which have ADHD. As I aged I became the second mother to children who did not come from my loins.

All of this baby wanting and I may not be able to have one.

I have insulin resistance, which pretty much sucks. Because of this disease, my hormones are all out of whack. I do not ovulate regularly and am on birth control pills because of it. It can sometimes render people infertile. And that would be just my luck.

Thankfully, it can be reversed. All I have to do is get this shit under control and lose some weight, or a lot of weight. My husband doesn’t want kids for a few years so we can just enjoy our time together, and also acquire some money cause babies is expensive. Have i mentioned insulin resistance makes one retain weight. Yep, it is harder for me to lose weight thanĀ all of you people. But I am up for the challenge.

So here’s some random about me facts:

  • 245.5 at 5 foot 4 inches
  • Loves cake, and just food in general.
  • I eat most when I am bored or home for long spans of time, like my life now.
  • I do have a gym membership! and I go but not as much as I should
  • My main goal is to just be healthier, if i lose weight it is just an added bonus.


So this is where I shall post anything and everything about everything. I’ll talk about my weight loss (or lack thereof) and try to be motivating even though that most definitely is not me. I’ll probably be the one posting most of the recipes, and be warned I live in the south which means even while trying to lose weight I still use butter, the real damn thing. I will also be the one talking about cleaning the house and trying not to murder people named Justin.

So welcome to my life.

Have I mentioned my husband is a stick boy? I could eat him if I got hungry enough. Like a snack, unattaching it’s jaw. He has a fear of snakes.


Let’s Get the Ball Rolling.


My name is Danielle.

Recent college graduate, and a cashier at a restaurant that will not be named. Ever. I hate the fact I work there and spend every day submitting applications to offices so I can get away from the volatile environment of burgers and mustachioed female managers.

My best friend, Caitlin and I have decided to make this blog in an attempt to guilt ourselves into actually staying on the weight-loss bandwagon. Usually, we both will start diets and exercise regimens in good faith, only to suddenly stop working on anything two weeks later.

But this time has to be different. If I have to be stuck working at The Job From Hell with a She Beast as my boss, I could at least become comfortable with myself physically. And making a public blog where it becomes possible for strangers to be able to have written opinions on my progress, or lack thereof … well, there’s something scary about that.

Scary, but motivating.

And that’s what Caitlin and I need. Motivation.

So, hi. Get to know me:

  • I currently weight 195 pounds. I am 5’10”. And my BMI is 28, making me overweight, getting close to being obese.
  • My weaknesses are fast food, Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs, Diet Coke, and fried things … specifically french fries. Oh … and sweets. Even though I don’t really like sweet things very often, I tend to eat them just because they’re there.
  • I overeat out of boredom, and I rarely drink water.

My main goal is weight-loss, of course, but I’d also like to tone my thighs, upper arms, and my stomach.

This week I’m going to look at joining a local gym.

And I’m making an attempt to drink at least two glasses of water a day, and cut back on my soda and greasy food intake.

Wish me luck!

– Danielle