So here we are…


Today is the day…
The day I go to the gynecologist and get probed.
That’s honestly the nicest term for it.

However, while here we are going to talk about the possibilities of me one day having a kid.
Step one I already know is losing weight and getting healthy which I am sadly failing at.

Maybe this will give me the kick in the butt I need to get on track!



Guess What I Did!


Guess What I Did!



Oh well. At least I’m alive. Ha.

I haven’t been very attentive to this whole diet thing recently.

Being unemployed and trying to find a job can give you tunnel vision, and then everything else seems unimportant, etc …

But, no excuses.

Tomorrow I am planting pumpkins … because, you know, that’s normal.

And I might even go running.

With all of this free time I have now, perhaps I can get some stuff done, right?


– Dani

Day 1… Again


The good thing about falling off the bandwagon is you can always get back on.

So while I didn’t eat 100% healthy today, I at least didn’t eat cake.

And instead of going to the gym I burned about a million calories and sweated my ass off while cleaning my house from top to bottom!

Now I’m making “healthy cookies” with three bananas that are about to go bad and a healthy dinner for when my husband gets home!

So yay me. Day 1 has been a success in my eyes.
Also, I drank no diet coke today.


Long Time No See


Ok guys,

I am back. 

It’s been a long, crazy month or so. 

First, I went to New York City. Which would be excited except my entire family was there. my mom, my sister, my Aunt Rene, and her two sons Matthew and Morgan, my husband and me. 

My sister was the youngest person with us, and she’s 14. So it was a bunch of adults, or practically adults, or physically adults with the mental maturity of a five year old (no he’s not slow, just immature).

So pretty much there was a lot of yelling. I made people cry because I’m the bitch, and then we all came home and didn’t talk to each other for a week. 

In other words, it was awful. 


On a happier note, I had a birthday on Saturday and am officially 24 years old. I feel old. 

In other news, the bakery business is coming together nicely. Dani and I have been working our butts off!

And here is a first in the history of my 24 years on this earth: I THREW AWAY CAKE TODAY!

After eating on my birthday cake for two days I decided it was time to be done and I threw it away! 

Be proud. 

Now if this had been really amazing cake there wouldn’t have been any left to throw away; however, it was Kroger cake. And while it was not the worst cake I have ever had, it was definitely not up to par with cakes that I make 99% of the time. Sometimes everyone makes a terrible cake. 

So now that I am officially an adult, (I am not real sure why I decided 24 was official adult status. Maybe it is because I graduated college and got married all while 23) I have to start doing adult things, like not eating cake constantly and making a concerted effort to create a happier healthier me for the same of my body, my life, my family, and the sanity of all those around me (including the people I made cry in NYC). 

So this is my “New Years Resolution.” I am well aware it is not New Years, but it is the beginning of a new year of my life. 

Wish me luck. 

Let’s be productive!


So this weekend obviously was a healthy eating fail. Memorial Day, etc.

Last night my dad had to go to the ER so my husband and I went to his house at 2 am to watch my little brothers, Tyler and Joe. We didn’t get home til 5 am. So I slept til noon.

I slept through the most productive part of my day. Usually, after lunch time, I am a blob and you can’t get me away from the netflix.

However, today was a different story. Maybe it’s because my lunch time moved to later since breakfast was at noon.

So far I have washed dishes, refilled my hummingbird feeder, took out a bunch of trash and cleaned out the funky food from the fridge.
I made tuna too, for my tuna melt I shall eat later. I also packed my husband’s lunch for work.

Then I proceeded to chop vegetables for an hour and a half.

I never use all of the veggies I but at the store. There’s always too much and then it goes bad. I know everyone else has this problem too. One way to remedy this is to just buy frozen veggies, but then you miss out on the joy of fresh veggies. You can’t eat frozen veggies raw. All you can do is cook with them. So people, I have come to bear the answer to your prayers.


Anything you’re not gonna eat raw, just go ahead and put it in a ziploc bag and freeze it. No food goes to waste and no chopping at dinner time. Win win.

However, now that I’ve chopped rec and yellow onions, carrots, celery, and a bell pepper I smell weird. If someone could please find a way to remove this smell from my person please inform me, because soap does not work.




Cookout today with the in-laws.
To put it nicely, I like only a few of them all of the time.
The crazy aunt loves me.
And all she did was talk to me for like four hours straight.

Thankfully it’s card night with Danielle and her boyfriend. FUN TIME!